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The Chocolate Box & Lounge

The Chocolate Box and Lounge
For reservation,  call +91-161-4303007
Located at the 2nd floor of MBD Neopolis Ludhiana The Chocolate Box and Lounge happens to be the first, and a most exclusive lounge in the city with many offerings that will tempt the indulgent connoisseur. As the name suggests, the richness of chocolate inspires the space from the menu, to the nouveau-Americana décor.

The Chocolate Box & Lounge is “the” place to go for high tea, where gorgeous selection of teas have been handpicked by tea connoisseurs keeping in mind all those tea lovers for whom every sip of the tea is an experience in itself.

With the decadent nature of the lounge, it is only fitting that the English Charlie finds its place in the mix! The Charlie is the signature concept of The Chocolate Box & Lounge and has an interesting mix of sandwiches, French pastries and fresh pakoras and samosas.

One can further curate their own experience with ordering the savoury quiche’s, puffs .The Choco Cheese Board and the designer chocolate platter is the signature assortments that one must sample, both of these exquisite creations are also a foray into a tantalizing palette that The Chocolate Box & Lounge cultivates.

The Chocolate Box and Lounge has on its menu select Beverages and signature mocktails. True to the nature of The Chocolate Box the lounge offers some signature chocolate delights like the Iced Cococcino (An amalgamation of melted chocolate Coconut cream, Espresso and Pineapple Juice, served on ice) Spiced Choco Punch (Mix of chocolate, vanilla ice-cream and milk infused with clove and cardamom, poured over ice), Immortal Memory, Dark Temptation and many more.

A highlight of the lounge is that it can be a perfect venue for a private gathering with the expertise to create a special menu in consultation with the executive chef.

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MBD neopolis :: Where the experience never ends