Cinepolis is the first international multiplex in Ludhiana. Located in MBD Neopolis, it will be the number one destination for the best cinema experience in town with family and friends.

With five 100% digital screens, 7.1 surround sound and Real D 3D, Cinépolis brings the best in class digital technology to town. Film lovers will have much reason to celebrate as Cinépolis will bring 3D movies to life at Ludhiana with the world’s most popular 3D technology – RealD 3D.

Also, keeping in mind the food loving nature of Ludhiana, it will have a variety of freshly prepared gourmet food at its in-house coffee shop called ‘Coffee tree’. A delicious range of popcorn flavors, nachos with a variety of toppings will also be among the mouthwatering attractions.

Cinépolis is the world’s 4th largest international multiplex chain and India’s number one international exhibitor. Currently, Cinépolis runs more than 2750 screens worldwide across 11 countries. In India, Cinépolis is also present at Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Patna and Surat.

Website: www.Ciné


MBD neopolis :: Where the experience never ends
MBD neopolis :: Where the experience never ends